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February 08, 2024
Business updates and special topic events, specially curated for global foreign investors in...
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Weekly business and foreign investment news roundup in Asia

by Asia Briefing and Dezan Shira & Associates.





India’s Interim Budget Rounds Up Key Tax Reforms, Makes Case for Modi Third Term
In a marked departure from 2019, finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s 2024 interim budget contained no surprises for the tax payer. We list key announcements in the tax realm under this budget, which was mostly a recount...
India Cuts Import Duty on Mobile Phone Components from 15% to 10%
Two days prior to the interim budget announcement, the Indian government slashed import duties on a range of mobile phone components as well as input materials for mobile manufacturing, which may lower costs and attract...
India-EFTA Close to Finalizing a Free Trade Agreement
The 21st round of discussions to the TEPA was held in Delhi from January 8 to 13, 2024, which mainly focused on areas of trade in services, rules of origin, trade facilitation, investment promotion and cooperation...
EV Sector in India: Production Capacity, Government Targets, and Market Performance
India's electric (EV) two-wheeler market experienced a notable surge in sales in the third quarter of FY 2023-24 (Q3 FY 24) compared to the previous quarter (Q2 FY 24), with a 34.42 percent increase. Major auto players...
Understanding Accelerated Depreciation of Solar Power Assets in India
Switching to renewable energy not only promotes environmental responsibility but also serves as a highly effective cost-saving measure. Section 32 of the Indian Income-tax Act of 1961 allows companies to enjoy accelerated...

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Manufacturing in Asia: 9 Crucial Factors for Location Selection
Manufacturing in Asia: 9 Crucial Factors for Location Selection
Are you ready to diversify, but unsure where to relocate your supply chain to? The following checklist outlines nine essential elements you should collect information or data about to fully understand your options and...
Investing in India’s Green Economy
Economic growth hinges on equitable resource distribution and the adoption of emerging technologies, such as renewables, electric vehicles, and resource-efficient buildings. In response to escalating concerns about...
An Introduction to Doing Business in India 2024
This guide covers essential aspects of investing in India, including corporate establishment, investment climate, tax, audit, accounting, HR, payroll, and the trade environment.

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Startup Expo and Business Summit 2024
Business Summit | New Delhi, India
Decoding India's Interim Union Budget 2024: What Businesses Need to Know
Webinar | Wednesday, February 07, 2024 | 2:30 PM India Time / 4:00 PM Vietnam Time / 5:00 PM China Time
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