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SEBI’s Consultation Paper on BRSR Aims to Ease ESG Compliance


India’s SEBI has made suggestions in regard to the BRSR Core framework to relax norms for listed entities’ value chain ESG disclosures.

Guide to India’s Foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme


India Briefing provides you with a thorough understanding of the foreign manufacturers certification scheme (FMCS), a requirement that foreign manufacturing enterprises intending to import goods into India must adhere to.

Where Are India’s Talent Hubs? Findings from New Talent Feasibility Study


India’s tier-1, tier-2, and satellite cities like Hyderabad, Navi Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Gurugram, and Bengaluru have become specialized hiring hubs and are rising to the increasing demand from recruiters seeking diverse talent.

Why Foreign Portfolio Investors May Soon Prefer India’s GIFT IFSC Over Traditional Investment Routes


India’s GIFT City has lucrative tax benefits, which has enhanced its appeal for foreign portfolio investors over traditional investment routes via Mauritius or Singapore. We explain more.

Telangana To Unveil Six New Industrial Policies Post General Elections


Telangana will have six new industrial policies, the first major policy regulation revision since the launch of the TS-iPASS Act in 2016.

Reviewing India and Chile’s Expanding Economic Partnership


India Briefing notes the expanding economic partnership between India and Chile and prospects for a CEPA trade deal in the near future.

Increase in Employment as Subscribers Under EPFO Grow to 14.5mn in FY2023-24


India’s preliminary payroll data shows 14.5 million net members were added to EPFO in FY’24, indicating steady rate in employment generation.

Empowering India’s Net-Zero Goals: The Rise of Climate Tech Startups


Indian climate tech startups are leveraging advanced technologies to combat climate change, supporting the country’s net-zero goals, and providing industries with the tools to achieve sustainability across their operations.

Showing 8 of 2952 articles
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