All-Electric Indica Set for 2011 Global Launch

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Nov. 25 – Tata Motors is pushing to launch the electric version of its highly popular Indica in 2011, aiming at exploiting the growing market for eco-friendly cars.

Tata Motors Managing Director (India operation) Prakash Telang said Tata would launch the electric Indica simultaneously in India and worldwide. “We will begin a feasibility study by next year for introducing the product,” The Hindu quoted him as saying.

The car’s introduction into the domestic market would depend on the cost factor since India was a price-sensitive market. “We have to look into the cost equation here. We have to see the market demand as it will be an expensive vehicle. Electric vehicles are generally 70 to 150 percent more expensive than regular ones depending on the choice of batteries,” Telang said.

Tata Motors has been developing the electric Indica with a Norwegian firm for launch in the UK, Norway and Denmark by 2011, which will mark the global launch of the car.

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