No FDI in India’s Nuclear Power Sector

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Aug. 21 – India’s Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) Chairman Dr. Anil Kakodkar has ruled out foreign direct investment (FDI) for establishing nuclear power stations in the country during an interview this week.

Dr. Kakodkar was interviewed by web portal saying that it will only allow FDI for manufacturing of nuclear equipment and construction plants in the country as India is working towards becoming a leader in building thorium based fast breeder reactors and pressurized heavy water reactors .

The chairman also said he was against more private participation and FDI in sensitive sectors like the nuclear industry. India is currently in talked with the United States,France and Russia to build nuclear parks in various parts in the country with an estimated six to eight reactors each to produce 1,000 to 1,650 megawatt of power.

Kakodkar is one of the country’s prominent nuclear scientists and is an advocate for the use of thorium for nuclear energy to solve its energy crisis.