The First Made in India Microprocessor – Launched

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Sept. 17 – India launced its first made in India microprocessor for servers, through the world’s largest chipmaker, Intel. The microprocessor was manufactured entirely by a team of 300 Indian's based in Intel's Bangalore research and development centre. This is the first time that work on the 45 nanometre technology was taken up by the company outside its US home base, and was completed in a record wo years.

Intel India started focussing on hardware design almost six years back. The design of Intel's first six-core Xeon microprocessor was completed on August 15, 2007, when India was celebrating its 60th year of independence. The Intel India team planned and executed the complete design activities including front-end design, pre-silicon logic validation and back-end design. The post-silicon validation, which test the market readiness and the product performance, was also undertaken at Intel's Bangalore facility.

"We are really enthralled to be a part of the team that worked with this complex project which earned us the distinction of designing India's first microprocessor productised for the global market. This is, in fact, a great day for semiconductor research and development in India," Praveen Vishakantaiah, president, Intel India told the Business Standard. "Going forward, India would continue to be a strategic location for high-end technology development for Intel globally," he added.