India Among the Top 5 Developing Nations in Industrial Production

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Apr. 8 – India’s annual growth rate of manufacturing value added (MVA) has risen from to 12.3 percent during 2005-2007 up from a MVA of 6.9 percent registered during 2000-2005 according to the International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics 2009 released by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). The share of MVA’s in India’s GDP has risen from 13.8 percent in 2001 to 14.8 percent in 2006. The UNIDO survey found that developing countries now account for 30 percent of the world’s MVA as compared to 16 percent in 1990, indicating that the role of developing nations in MVA is rising even as the developed world continues to dominate manufacturing worldwide.

Additionally the survey reported that India ranks amongst the leading producers of major industrial items including automobiles, petroleum products, textiles, electrical machinery and apparatus, basic metals, chemicals and chemical products, leather products, coke and nuclear fuel.

The UNIDO ranks India fourth among the world’s leading 12 producers of textiles (after China, the U.S. and Italy); fifth in electrical machinery and apparatus; sixth in basic metals; seventh in chemicals and chemical products; tenth in leather, leather products and footwear, coke, refined petroleum products and nuclear fuel; and twelfth in machinery and equipment and motor vehicles, based on 2007 figures. Among the leading developing countries, India figures among the top five, as reported by the Hindu.