The India Davos Debate: Can India Become a Superpower?

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Oct. 29 – The World Economic Forum will be holding the India Economic Summit on November 8-10 in New Delhi. The theme is “India’s Next Generation of Growth.”

According to the Forum, the questions to be debated will include answers from experts addressing the fact that India has the world’s second largest population and one of the fastest growing economies today. Experts predict that India will become a global superpower within fifty years – thanks to its economic growth and young population. Access to health care, reliable power and clean water are also in desperate short supply. Could these gaps prevent India from achieving what finally seems within its grasp?

Under the theme, “India’s Next Generation of Growth,” the World Economic Forum is celebrating 25 years of collaboration and active engagement in India. As a result of over two decades of close partnership with India, the annual India Economic Summit is regarded as the most effective platform for formulating an agenda to further India’s growth.

The Forum has also invited the global community to share its thoughts on whether India can harness its huge potential. Internet users should answer the following question: Can India become a superpower? To gather different perspectives, a street survey in collaboration with one of India’s leading broadcasters will capture viewpoints from the general public in the coming weeks. During the Summit, a dedicated video corner will allow more than 700 industry, government and thought leaders to reply to the videos submitted by the YouTube community. The best videos will become part of the discussions at the 2009 India Economic Summit.

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