India Hosts Asia’s Largest Solar Power Plant

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Aug. 20 – Asia's biggest solar thermal energy plant of 10 MW capacity would be set up at Nagpur, western India, by Acme a private company, Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy, Vilas Muttemwar told the Economic Times. Nagpur would also be the site where the union government would set up a special economic zone to manufacture equipment and appliances related to wind, solar and biogas energy.

The Indian central government has set a target of generating 14,000 MW additional power through renewable resources in the 11th Five-Year Plan, taking the total generation to more than 26,000 MW, the union minister added.

"We are one of the luckiest countries, where we have plenty of sunshine throughout the year, the minister said. Supply of conventional fuels is not going to last for ever and with increased demand to meet our energy requirements, the future lies in non-conventional energy including solar, Muttemwar added stressing the need to harness these sources. India which has the potential of generating 70,000 MW of power from wind energy alone is currently ranked fourth in wind energy followed by Germany, Spain and USA.

India has already implemented several solar energy projects across the country. The most recent one by Conenergy provides electricity to 98 homes, two temples and a school in western India's Rajasthan state.