India Issues ‘Project Visa’ for Foreign Workers in Power and Steel Sectors

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Dec. 13 – The Indian government has recently introduced a new type of visa – the “P” (Project) Visa – within the employment visa regime for foreigners who come to India for the development of projects in power and steel sectors. Currently the new visa does not apply to foreign employees in other sectors.

Conditions for the granting of a “P” visa are as follows:

  1. A Project Visa holder cannot engage in another project either of the same company or of a different company and his or her work will be restricted to the location of the project
  2. In no circumstances would the person be allowed to be engaged in another project either of the same company or of a different company
  3. A person coming on Project Visa will not be allowed to take up employment in the same Indian company for a period of two years from the date of commissioning of the project
  4. The foreigner coming on Project Visa will have to register himself/herself with the FRRO/FRO concerned within 14 days of arrival if the validity of visa is for more than 180 days. If the validity of visa is for a period of 180 days or less, registration would not be required
  5. The Indian Company engaging the foreign national for executing the project / contract would be responsible for the conduct of the foreign national during his/her stay in India and also for the departure of such foreign national upon expiry of visa

A complete outline detailing the features and conditions of the new “P” visa, as well as a new clarification regarding employment visas issued by India’s Ministry of Home Affairs, can be downloaded here in pdf format compliments of Dezan Shira & Associates.