India Successfully Launches 7 Satellites

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Sept. 24 – India has successfully launched seven satellites from a single rocket from the Sriharikota space center located in eastern India.

The rocket took 20 minutes to launch one big satellite and six small rockets into space.The bigger satellite will be used to track fishing zones and ocean surface in the country as well as monitor wind speeds, monsoons and cyclones.

On the other hand, the six smaller satellites were launched for other countries with four belonging to Germany, one for Switzerland and one for Turkey. Last year, India put 10 satellites in space in a single launch.

The head of the Indian Space Research organization, G. Madhavan Nair, told VOA News that the  launches have reaffirmed India’s capabilities in successfully putting satellites in space. “It is a fantastic achievement,” he said. “I think we have once again proven that we can do the job precisely.”

India has increasingly been more ambitious on its space projects so as not be left behind by China although it still has far to go compared to industry leaders United States, Russia and the European Space Agency.

The country has been concentrating more improving its rocket-launching capabilities to gain access to the market. So far, India’s space program has successfully launched an Italian satellite and an Israeli spy satellite.

It was also suppose to launch its first space mission to the moon when the project was terminated after contact with the unmanned spacecraft was lost.