India Trade Statistics for April-December 2011

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Jan. 20 – India’s exports grew by 25.8 percent over the period running from April to December 2011, reaching a total of US$217.6 billion. The Ministry of Commerce informed that over that same time-frame, imports grew by 30.4 percent and were valued at US$350.9 billion, resulting in a negative trade balance of US$133.3 billion.

The Ministry also informed that India’s exports for the month of December 2011 were US$25 billion and imports stood at US$37.8 billion – coming out to a negative trade balance of US$12.8 billion.

Sector-specific growth estimates for exports during April-December 2011 are as follows:

  • Engineering up 21.6 percent, valued at US$45.3 billion
  • Petroleum and oil products up 55 percent, valued at US$43.9 billion
  • Gems and jewelers up 38.5 percent, valued at US$33.5 billion
  • Drugs and pharmaceuticals up 21.5 percent, valued at US$9.1 billion
  • Leather up 25.8 percent, valued at US$3.4 billion
  • Cotton, yarn and fabric up 13 percent, valued at US$5.1 billion
  • Electronics up 21.1 percent, valued at US$6.7 billion
  • Readymade garments up 23.7 percent, valued at US$9.6 billion

Sector-specific growth estimates for imports during April-December 2011 are as follows:

  • POL up 40.4 percent, valued at US$105.6 billion
  • Gold and silver up 53.8 percent, valued at US$45.5 billion
  • Machinery up 27.7 percent, valued at US$25.8 billion
  • Electronics up 24 percent, valued at US$25.2 billion
  • Fertilizers up 35 percent, valued at US$8.2 billion
  • Coal up 62 percent, valued at US$12.5 billion

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