India’s FDI Continues to Rise, Up by 56 Percent in July

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Sept. 15 – Foreign direct investment inflow to India was US$3.5 billion in July, 56 percent higher than US$2.25 billion in the same month a year ago said Commerce and Industry Minister, Anand Sharma.

The Hindu Business Line reports that the figure represents an increase of 36 percent over June which was in turn an increase of 23 percent over the equity inflows received in May.

From April to July equity inflows to India reached US$10.532 billion. Foreign direct investment were distributed among the services sector at US$1.86 billion, housing and real estate at US$1.18 billion and construction activities US$0.68 billion among others.

Major investor included Mauritius, United States, Cyprus, Singapore and Japan. Singapore alone put in  US$3.37 billion in India mostly via Indian invested offshore funds based in the country.