India’s First Climate Change Plan

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July 4 – India has revealed its first climate change plan before the G8 summit in Japan next week. The plan outlines eight "missions" for sustainable development – solar energy, energy efficiency, creating a sustainable habitat, conserving water, preserving the Himalayan ecosystem, creating a green India, creating sustainable agriculture and establishing a platform of "strategic knowledge for climate change.

While the plan lacks a proper budget and plan of action, the government seems keen to implement their enviromental ideas. A story by cnet news says that of all the plans, the Indian government seems most keen to implement solar energy. Given the resource is abundant in India, they plan to invest heavily in factories manufacturing solar cells.

"We will pool all our scientific, technical, and managerial talents, with financial sources to develop solar energy as a source of abundant energy to power our economy and to transform the lives of our people," India Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who chairs the council, said during the announcement of the plan.