India’s Foreign Trade in June 2011

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Aug. 5 – India’s exports through June 2011 were valued at US$29.21 billion, which was 46.45 percent superior to the level of US$19.94 billion seen in June 2010. On an expanded timeframe, the growing value of exports for the period April-June 2011-12 was US$79.00 billion against US$54.22 billion over the same period a year earlier – good for a 45.71 percent increase.

India’s imports for the duration of June 2011 came to US$36.87 billion, showing a growth of 42.46 percent over the level of imports valued at US$25.88 billion in June 2010. An increasing value of imports for the interval of April-June 2011-12 was US$110.61 billion as against US$81.20 billion over the same period in 2010 – good for a 36.22 percent increase.

Crude oil and non-oil imports
Oil imports in June 2011 were valued at US$10.18 billion, which was 30.09 percent more than oil imports measured at US$7.83 billion in the consequent period in 2010. Oil imports during the period of April-June 2011-12 were valued at US$30.53 billion, which was 18.10 percent higher than the oil imports of US$25.85 billion in the consequent period in 2010.

Non-oil imports during June 2011 were estimated at US$26.69 billion which was 47.82 percent more than non-oil imports of US$18.06 billion in June 2010. Non-oil imports during April-June 2011-12 were measured at US$80.07 billion which was 44.68 percent more than the level of such imports valued at US$55.35 billion in April-June 2010-11.

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