India’s Free Trade and Double Tax Agreements – New Issue of India Briefing Magazine Out Now

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The new issue of India Briefing magazine, titled “India’s Free Trade and Double Tax Agreements” is out now and available as a complimentary download in the Asia Briefing Publications Store.

Indias FTA and DTAAs Magazine Cover

In this issue:

  • Evaluating India’s Free Trade Agreements for Your Business
  • How to Use India’s Double Tax Agreements 
  • Access India and ASEAN through Singapore 

India has attracted global attention this year for the country’s ambitious new goods and service tax (GST): consolidating procedures while bringing more industries into the formal economy.

The Indian government is making it easier to penetrate the country’s growing markets and businesses the world over are taking notice. In fact, the 2016 financial year marked a record amount of foreign direct investment entering India in a single year – US$60.1 billion.

A surge in isolationist polices in Western countries are encouraging many businesses to rethink once taken for granted trade relations and explore new, emerging markets. India’s free trade and double tax agreements with individual countries and groups of nations alike present new trading routes throughout Asia.

These agreements can, at times, appear convoluted and confusing. The benefits of each respective agreement must be analyzed for applicability to ensure fiscal improvements to foreign business models.

In this issue of India Briefing magazine, we take a look at the bilateral and multilateral trade agreements that India currently has in place and highlight the deals that are still in negotiation. We analyze the country’s double tax agreements, and conclude by discussing how foreign businesses can establish a presence in Singapore to access the Indian and ASEAN markets.