India’s Nuclear Deal Flares Up

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July 2 – There are always two sides to the coin and India's ruling coalition congress party is facing off against their leftist counterparts. While the Congress party claims the nuclear deal with America will put an end to India's energy problems, the left is convinced its a bid to sell India to the U.S. and have threatened to pull out their support from the ruling coalition government.

The following are key events and meetings planned this week that could decide the fate of the government, as compiled by Reuters.

Thursday, July 3: The Communist Party of India (CPI), an ally of the ruling coalition and India's second largest left party, holds its secretariat meeting. The nuclear deal will figure prominently as the party has been very critical of the government.

Thursday, July 3: The United National Progressive Alliance (UNPA), a coalition of smaller parties, holds a meeting to decide their final stand on the nuclear deal.

The parties, which could hold the balance of power in parliament if the communist parties withdraw, could either decide to support the ruling coalition over the deal or voice their opposition. The UNPA includes the regional Samajwadi Party (SP). The government is trying to persuade SP to join it in parliament if the communists leave.

Friday July 4: The four communist parties that prop up the ruling coalition in parliament meet to discuss Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's trip to a G8 summit in Japan.

The communists say the trip is an indication the government is planning to move ahead on the deal.

Singh is reported to have said he would only go to the summit if a final decision is made to go with the deal. The left parties say they will discuss the timing of their withdrawal of support.

Saturday-Sunday, July 5-6: Tentative meeting between the communists and the government to decide either to part ways for good or bury the deal.

Monday, July 7: G8 summit in Japan. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh reportedly wants the deal to be finalised before he leaves for the summit.