India’s Trade Developments for Oct. 2011

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Nov. 9 – India’s exports have recorded development of 10.8 percent during October 2011 at US$19.9 billion, while imports were at US$39.5 billion over the same period for a growth rate of 21.7 percent. As such, the trade deficit for the particular period was US$19.6 billion.

Collective export figures for the tenure of April to October 2011 stand at US$179.8 billion recording a growth of 46 percent and imports for the same period stand at US$273.5 billion registering a growth of 31 percent. Balance of trade for the period stands at negative US$93.7 billion.

From April to October 2011, sectors such as engineering have done exceedingly well (US$51.4 billion) with growth of 89.6 percent over the last year; petroleum & oil products 51 percent (US$31.9 billion); cotton 22 percent (US$3.99 billion); electronics 50 percent (US$6.4 billion); and ready-made garments 31 percent (US$7.7 billion).

The development estimates for imports during April to October 2011 on the following sectors are: POL 41 percent (US$81.9 billion); gold and silver 64 percent (US$38.3 billion); machinery 27.8 percent (US$20 billion); electronics 22 percent (US&19.7 billion).

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