New Issue of India Briefing: Investing in India’s Public-Private Partnerships

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ib-200911Nov. 19 – The new issue of India Briefing Magazine is online and can be downloaded by subscribers for free. (To apply for a complimentary subscription, please click here).

In this issue of India Briefing we examine India’s public-private partnerships. The Indian economy demands massive investment in infrastructure to sustain the country’s growth. To accomplish this, the government has announced a series of measures to encourage private investment in India’s public sectors. We look at the different sectors open to investment, including roads, rail, airports, ports, telecommunications and power, and also review some of the investment vehicles and financing options available for public-private partnerships in India. We then run through the procedure for tendering a public-private partnership and how to incorporate in the country.

Included in this issue:
Opportunities in roads, rail, airports, ports, telecom and power
India’s new development sutras
Indian PPP investment vehicles
Tendering for public-private partnership
Corporate establishment