Maintaining Statutory Registers in India

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By Gunjan Sinha

Jan. 8 – The Companies Act (1956), which regulates setting up and running companies in India, requires all classes of companies in India (irrespective of size or capital) to maintain a list of Statutory Registers.

This list contains the stipulated information that a company is required to disclose to its stakeholders, generally including details about the company, its shareholders and directors, mortgaged property, dividends, execution of common seal, etc.

Below is the list of registers that may be required to be maintained and updated:

  1. Register of Share Allotment
  2. Register of Members
  3. Register of Share Transfer
  4. Register of Director’s Shareholding
  5. Register of Managing Director
  6. Register of Mortgage and Charges
  7. Register of Contracts Entered into by the Company in which Directors are Interested
  8. Register of Directors
  9. Register of Investment in Shares of Any Body Corporate
  10. Register of Loans Made, Guarantees Given, Securities Provided by the Company
  11. Register of Renewal and Duplicate Share Certificates
  12. Register of Dividends
  13. Register of Document Executed under Common Seal

The list of Statutory Registers, which may be soft and/or hard copy, must be kept at the company’s registered office. A company may be required to produce this list before the Registrar of Companies, an officer designated by the Registrar of Companies, or another authority for inspection or record purposes.

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