MNC’s Increasingly Looking to India as an R&D Center

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Mar. 19 – Besides the traditional research and development powerhouses of the United States, Germany and Japan, India too is proving to be the destination of choice for global technology, pharmaceutical and engineering companies. Large multinational corporations like GM, IBM, Cisco, Motorola, Huawei and GE have already set up large R&D centers in India and many small and medium companies are actively considering establishing R&D facilities in India.

Some of the best academic institutions in India churn out a highly talented, English speaking workforce who delivers results at a less expensive rate than in the west making R&D work in India affordable and efficient. Additionally, India’s high growth rate and strict Intellectual Property protection regulations make setting up an R&D facility in India and added bonus.

In a recent survey by Cambridge University, covering 500 of the largest companies worldwide, India stood seventh in housing R&D after the United States, Germany, Japan, UK, China and France. It ranked fifth in attracting more R&D centers.