Nasdaq to Be Listed on Bombay Stock Exchange

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Sept. 19 – Just after the Indian National Stock Exchange listed the Dow Jones Industrial and S&P500 on its exchange last week, Nasdaq is to be listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange.

“We intend to offer options contracts on the Nasdaq 100. Approval from the Securities and Exchange Board of India is expected any time,” stated Ashish Chauhan, CEO of the Bombay Stock Exchange.

The Nasdaq index does not include financial companies, thus setting it apart from the Dow Jones index, and does not include companies incorporated outside the United States, which differentiates it from the S&P.

The Nasdaq 100 was formed in 1985 and is based upon an equity index of the largest non-financial companies. Company weighting is based on their market capitalization, with rules capping the influence of the biggest players. The index sees some 200,000 daily trades in the United States. The development once again highlights the advanced nature of the Indian financial services industry, which remains open to foreign participants in a way that China is not.

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