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Outlook for Sovereign Wealth Fund Investments in India


India is becoming a major investment destination for sovereign wealth funds. We discuss key players and which sectors are benefiting in India in 2024.

India’s Semiconductor Sector Welcomes Three New Manufacturing Units


Three new plants from the Tata Group and CG Power-Renesas join Micron in advancing the manufacturing capacity in India’s semiconductor sector.

Mauritius Government Amends its Double Tax Treaty with India to Align with BEPS MLI


In a list of Cabinet Decisions taken by the Mauritius government on February 23, 2024, it was announced that its DTAA with India would be amended in keeping with BEPS norms.

India’s Semiconductor Sector: Tracking Government Support and Investment Trends


We track India’s efforts to facilitate foreign investment into its indigenous semiconductor industry (developing fabs. chip design, ATMP).

Tracking Countries That Accept India’s UPI Digital Payment System


India’s digital payment system UPI is steadily getting accepted for use in more overseas markets like Singapore, UAE, France, UK, and Mauritius.

India and Oman Reportedly Close to Signing a Free Trade Deal


India and Oman are nearing the finalization of a free trade agreement (FTA) aimed at facilitating easier access to each other’s markets.

Establishing a Trading Company in India


Starting an import-export business in India with the right strategies allows a firm to access information resources, network contacts, and concessions, which are key to profitability and compliance.

Import and Export Procedures in India


Businesses planning to import or export from India must understand the stages involved in the process, the regulatory framework, and documentation required.

India, UK FTA Negotiations: Key Updates


India-UK FTA negotiations are at Round 14 as of January 10, 2023. Pending issues include business mobility, rules of origin, a BIT treaty, and market barriers for Scotch whiskey, automobiles, farm products, and pharmaceuticals.

India Opens Space Sector to Global Investors with 100% FDI Allowed


India will permit FDI up to 100 percent under the automatic route in the space sector for the manufacturing of components, systems, or sub-systems associated with satellites, ground segments, and user segments.

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