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Status of India’s Advanced Pricing Agreement Program: 95 APAs Signed in FY23 Offering Tax Certainty


These APAs have effectively addressed complex transfer pricing issues, mitigating the need for litigation and aligning with India’s objective of enhancing the ease of doing business.

India Confirms Auction Date for 20 Blocks of Critical Minerals, Including Lithium and Graphite: November 29


Following regulatory changes, India will seek bids for 20 blocks of critical minerals. Mining, mineral processing, and production of lithium, graphite, and REE are key to critical sectors like renewables, gigafactories, pharma, electronics, telecom, and defense.

Investing in Karnataka, India: State Profile, Infrastructure, and Enabling Policies


Karnataka in South India attracted major new investments in 2022-23 and continues to build up its business-friendly profile. Foxconn has announced intentions to invest further in a supplementary plant.

Apple’s Contract Manufacturers and Component Suppliers in India


There are currently three main contract manufacturers producing Apple products in India. We discuss where they are based and scope for investment.

Where to Invest in India: Analyzing Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu’s Business Environment


Unlock the Indian market’s potential with our insightful new magazine, “Where to Invest in India: Analyzing Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu’s Business Environment.” Explore key data points shaping foreign investment decisions in these dynamic states.

India, UK FTA Negotiations: Key Updates


India-UK FTA negotiations are at Round 14, and pending issues like the rules of origin are at closure level, as of October 9, 2023. The BIT will be signed later.

Permanent Establishment in International Taxation and Indian Tax Law


We discuss what triggers permanent establishment status as per UN/OECD international taxation frameworks and India’s domestic tax provisions.

List of India’s Public Holidays in 2024 and Best Practices for Companies


Businesses and foreign investors should note India’s official holiday schedule, which is impacted by regional, local, and national factors, including festivals, patriotic observances, and cultural practices.

Technology-Enabled Changes in the Audit Compliance Landscape in India


We discuss how emerging technologies hold the potential to transform the field of auditing by leveraging software-as-a-service platforms as well as incorporating artificial intelligence, automation, drones, and more. Moreover, India’s corporate affairs authority mandates the adoption of specific software-enabled tracking, such as audit trails.

Dell, HP, Foxconn, Lenovo Among 27 Beneficiaries Under India’s PLI 2.0 Scheme for IT Hardware


India has announced that 27 companies, including Dell, HP, Foxconn, and Lenovo, have been approved for PLI 2.0 Scheme incentives. Of these, 23 companies are ready to start local production.

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