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Discussions for a New Electronic Components PLI Scheme in India: What We Are Hearing


India is reportedly considering a new PLI scheme for electronic components, targeting a local value addition of 35-40 percent.

Prospects in India’s Agrochemical Sector


India’s agrochemical sector awaits a production-linked incentive (PLI) scheme of its own to augment production capacity and export size.

Ministerial Roles in Modi’s New Cabinet: Full List and Key Assignments


BJP leader Narendra Modi has become India’s Prime Minister for a third straight term under the NDA alliance, and has announced his new ministerial council. We list all the allotted portfolios, discuss formation of the new cabinet, and note the regional representation in the NDA 3.0.

Shops and Establishment Acts in India: An Explainer


The Shops and Establishment Acts in India are state and union territory-specific laws governing labor service conditions in shops and commercial establishments, excluding factories, and require mandatory compliance within their respective jurisdictions.

In a Historic Feat, PM Modi Gets Third Consecutive Term but Opposition Slows BJP Juggernaut


After the 2024 elections, the BJP-led NDA is set to form a coalition government with Narendra Modi as Prime Minister for a third term, We analyze the election results, focusing on the performances of key political parties, and the implications for the Indian economy.

Leave Management in India: Key Considerations for Employers and Employees


India Briefing explains the leave management process in the country and best practices for employers and employees.

India’s Electronics Exports to Hit US$61 Billion by 2030


Electronics exports from India is growing rapidly owing to increased import interest shown by U.S. and UAE markets, among others. We discuss factors shaping this trend and challenges that could dent India’s export ambitions.

IT Industry Embraces Tier 2 Cities for Growth and Efficiency


The IT industry is continuing to approach India’s Tier 2 cities for talent retention as well as capitalize on cheaper realty and wages.

SEBI’s Consultation Paper on BRSR Aims to Ease ESG Compliance


India’s SEBI has made suggestions in regard to the BRSR Core framework to relax norms for listed entities’ value chain ESG disclosures.

Guide to India’s Foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme


India Briefing provides you with a thorough understanding of the foreign manufacturers certification scheme (FMCS), a requirement that foreign manufacturing enterprises intending to import goods into India must adhere to.

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