Pranav Mistry Shows Off ‘SixthSense’ Technology

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Nov. 18 – Pranav Mistry, India’s IT wunderkind, demonstrated his “SixthSense” technology at the TED India conference this year. In a presentation to a packed house (video after the break), Mistry showed off tools that allow the physical world to interact with the digital one, including a paper “laptop” and a virtual camera.

It’s a fascinating look into the near future, made even more exciting by Mistry’s assertion that he will open-source the software behind the SixthSense technology, making its possibilities available to everyone.

39 thoughts on “Pranav Mistry Shows Off ‘SixthSense’ Technology

    Zak says:

    The new Steve Jobs. Brilliant, thanks for posting this.

    Arveti says:

    Awesome kid!!! thanks for posting!!! what a brain he has!!! Congrats buddy!!!

    Jacob Paul says:

    I do not see anything mysterious or wonderful in this:

    It is just a camera, a projector, a micro phone, a laptop, an internet connection of sufficient bandwidth and some ordinary virtual reality software.

    This shows how ignorant people are about the technology that has been around for quite some years.

    Jack says:

    Mr. Jacob Paul, that the reason you are not there where Pranav is today…. Broaden your thinking and accept the fact dear

    Prashant Upadhyay says:

    Mr. Jacob Paul, See inside yourself before pointing your finger to others, Appreaciating to the people will make you a greater and responsible citizen.
    Pranav did a greate job !!!! weldone to Pranav…
    Thank you for posting….

    Ajeesh M says:

    Whatever Jacob Paul said is right, those are common stuff. But its not those things we are concerned about.
    We are appreciating the things he did. He got imagination. Did anyone else think of doing something like this with those common objects ? did anyone even think these were possible ? He thought differently. He imagined the world and technology in an innovative way. And that is his victory. I take this opportunity to appreciate pranav for this wonderful presentation.

    Thank you,

    Manmohan Sharma says:

    Amazing! I am speechless.

    All the best.

    Best wishes,

    Manmohan Sharma

    Jincy says:

    Its not about what you have, its about how innovatively you use what you have that counts.
    You always had colours, but whwn someone uses them to paint something innovative, thats where the genius lies..
    Pranav.. U r just that.. GENIOUS.
    The thought leadership that he has brought to existing technology is inspiring.
    We Indians generally have this cynical leg pulling attitude.
    If we can rise above that and appreciate and encourage thought leadership, we can go miles ahead of where we are today. There is no doubt that we have the potential and brains for exceeding what we have if we just carry the reight attitude.
    Its all in the ATTITUDE..


    Alex Michael Raj says:

    cool…. i tot of this.. But he brought this to the world..

    sampath says:

    Hi pranav…

    superb…..proud to be indian….

    Siresh says:

    Paranav, u r just gr8..hats off.!!

    Mohamed Ansar says:

    Congrads Pranav…

    I proud to be an Indian. May be people think or comment you did a small think, what i believe that you can invent new thinks very soon. God will bless you with more skill and talents. One think you can help people in the word in different way, dont hesitate to help them.
    Once again… CONGRADS.

    Ajith says:

    I proud to be an Indian.

    Noushad Bin Jamal says:

    Hats off to this great mind for his gift to the new generation .The door to a New Digital World.

    He should be the Next Indian to receive Nobel Prize.

    Murali says:


    Hats off to you Pranav

    Its realllllyyyyy grrrrrreeeeaaatttt. Amazing and we do hope that as mentioend in talk Pranav will be able to bring this tech to masses and especially it can be used for the third world countries where people do not have easy access to teh information.
    Thanks to you pranav now mission impossible seems to be possible.

    Priyanka says:

    OMG …. i was stunned to see the work he has done …. i am actually out of words….

    this guys has raised the level of Didgital World…

    i hope he succeeds and gets the technology to the masses ……….

    Kharad says:


    Viswanathan says:

    Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!. I salute you Mr.Pranav, the young Indian brain.

    Jay J says:

    Genius, innovative mind, brought facts to life, moreover noble thoughts & intentions .. he has a long successful career ahead.
    Brilliaint,.. proud of Humanity.

    RAJ says:


    sharkey says:

    ” wao gr8 job…. indians r alwayz outstanding”

    Manoj Jawlekar says:

    Hats off to this Genious !
    What I liked about Pranav is he is big hearted ! He is extremely humble when he says he want this technology to be used for Masses ! With this gestures Pranav has made every Indian proud ! I appreciate people who have influenced Pranav including Mr A P J Abdul kalam . Pranav is firmly on ground . Thats the sign of ” Lambe race ka Ghoda “!

    From manoj

    nayan parmar says:

    i proud to be an indian, that india prud of you pranav, thanks for publishing

    Shashank says:

    Simply brilliant…what an awesome ideas this kid have… Keep going I’m proud of you….

    pavan raval says:

    hi pranav congrats
    but i jelus for u
    by the way wat a mind u have
    keep it up india is waiting for u
    ur sinior in vidhyamandir \thanks

    aBHIJIT says:

    Great job pranav….


    great job done.i proud to be ur friend. hatts off…… all the best.

    Sikander says:

    Its realllllyyyyy grrrrrreeeeaaatttt. Amazing and we do hope that as mentioend in talk Pranav will be able to bring this tech to masses and especially it can be used for the third world countries where people do not have easy access to teh information.
    Thanks to you pranav now mission impossible seems to be possible.
    You are grate pranav.

    Jainendra says:

    HI Pranav
    it was just a trailor of what oustanding intelligence you have…real picture is yet to be released…
    feel proud to be an indian..All the best for all your future assignments..

    ambika says:

    hi Pranav,
    its briiliabt great job done, i m proud of you.

    Ratnadiptee says:

    Dude, you are a perfect combination of brilliant & creative…!! n you can restore India it’s lost glory… Plz think about it & work to upgrade our nation with the most futuristic technology..!!

    It’s people like you who make a difference to the world.. Proud of you..!! 🙂

    DHIVYA says:

    hello pranav…. what an amazing technology…. speechless……….. and really i have seen an imaginary world…. congrats…. and we need more and more new inventions like this..

    Thanks for this sixth sense

    Neema says:

    hey…….congratulations……..Amazing job i must say……u provd nothing is impossible..i hope u get 7th sense device soon….all the best..

    lotssss of luck,
    Neema 🙂

    Roopa says:

    Hello pranav it’s really mind blowing……… I thnk words are not enough to say about ur intelligence……….

    Nishal says:

    Innovative work.Am proud of u

    rathod sheetal says:

    hey pranav thanks
    n i really proud of u

    navisha says:

    ausum… realyy an inovative wrk….proud of u..
    all the best..
    may u come up wid many mre ideas……:-)

    Very cool huh? Well done India. – Chris

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