Short Eats: July 21

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Jul. 21 – Short Eats – a roundup of small tasty bites of Indian news straight from the nation’s dailies.

Solar Eclipse in India
The longest eclipse of the 20th century will pass over parts of India and China. In India, it will occur during sunrise on July 22 and can be viewed from Surat in Gujarat and towards parts of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, then covering Gaya in Bihar with clearest view and culminate in Dibrugarh in Assam, till 10.30 am, according to the Express India. The longest period of the eclipse will happen at Surat and will last about 3 minutes and a few seconds.

United States, India Sign Defense Pact
As part of its defense and nuclear pact with India, the United States will be able to sell arms and build two nuclear power plants. The Times of India reports that the deal will be a boon to U.S. defense and nuclear companies as India updates in energy generating capacity and updates its largely Russian-made arsenal.

Australia Looking at India for Skilled Professionals
Australian Immigration Minister Chris Evans told the Economic Times that his country was looking at India for skilled human resource, and was doing everything to give a safe environment for foreign students and professionals. This is in light of the wave of violent attacks on Indian students living in the country that has led to protests and an apology from the Australian government.

India, ASEAN FTA finalized
India and the ASEAN group has laid out a final version of its FTA and only needs to be formally signed for implementation next year. The signing of the long-delayed agreement will cut taxes on 4,000 goods within six years, reports the Economic Times.