Test Drive a Tata Nano Free Online

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nano1Apr. 20 – Tata Motors, the manufacturers of the worlds cheapest car the Nano, has teamed up with the Indian online gaming portal Zapak to provide a free online game in which a user can customize their virtual Nano, then drive it around Bombay amidst the city’s hustle and bustle.

The tiny vehicle, which costs about US$2,500 and is set to revolutionize the global auto industry, has already been compared to Ford’s Model T in terms of the impact it is expected to have as an affordable car for the masses. A European version of the car, the Nano Europa, has also been developed and it is expected to go on sale in the European Union in 2010.

Early signs are that the car will find a niche amongst both rural dwellers in India as, like the Citroen 2CV, it can be customized and used for market duty work. It is also likely to find fans in the trendy suburban markets in Europe due to its small size, low cost, and designer packages that see it available in an increasing variety of funky colors and trim accessories. Ecologically sound versions as hybrids, CNG and electric are also being developed.