A university dedicated to NRI’s

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April. 11 – India may very soon be exporting much more than software. As the knowledge industry grows in India, Indians and Non-resident Indians (NRI’s) alike want their children to be global citizens but with strong Indian roots. Realizing this latent demand, India will have its first university dedicated to NRI’s in the next three months, The Economic Times reported. The proposed university plans to draw on the expertise of the NRI doctors, engineers, and many qualified professionals.

In many countries of Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, which have large Indian populations, NRI children find it difficult to gain admission, as these countries often prefer sons of their soil. At present, while NRIs have a small quota in internationally reputed Indian institutes although they pay higher fees than Indian students. The problem is the shortage of seats. The situation in India is very critical as more and more Indians seek seats in the very same universities and there are not enough of them. Starting with 20 universities at the time of independence in 1947, India has 367 universities today, of which about 100 are private institutions.

Any state that gets to establish the NRI University will reap considerable economic benefits. Construction of the campus over hundreds of acres will bring in massive capital investment to boost the construction industry. Equipment for the university will generate more investment equal to – if not greater than – the construction costs.
The influx of hundreds of faculty, support staff and thousands of students will generate more income for the local people in providing them with goods and services. Growth of local trade and services around the campus and in the city would be impressive. Increased overseas visitors – NRIs and their children – will pump more cash in foreign exchange into the local economy.