U.S.-India Treaty Expected to Bring in More FDI

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Oct. 9 – More American investment is expected to pour in when the U.S.-India bilateral investment treaty is finalized and streamlines the foreign direct investment process in terms of project bidding and return on investments.

“Once the treaty comes through, it will enable billions of dollars of foreign direct investment to come to India . The United States wants to partner and work together with India in the areas of green energy, green collar jobs and green initiatives,” Timothy Roemer, U.S. ambassador to India, was quoted by the ENS Economic Bureau during the Confederation of Indian Industry in New Delhi. The ambassador also cited the potential of the educational sector as one of the avenues of cooperation. 

In November, India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will visit the United States to take the treaty negotiations further. American companies have been wanting to invest more in India but were held back by trade barriers. U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk has already visited India to discuss the treaty and another visit is scheduled in October, Roemer added.