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India Briefing
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Research and investment advisory on multi-jurisdictional business matters.

Business Advisory

Business Advisory

Advising companies on the best way to structure their business entities to meet their goals while maximizing their operational efficiency.

Due dilligence

Due Diligence

Corporate commentary on legal and financial due diligence issues, such as identifying the credibility of a supplier or purchaser.

International Payroll & HH.RR Administration

International Payroll
& HR Administration

Client-dedicated knowledgeable administrators provide your HR & Payroll management team with a single point of contact for all Asia payroll and HR queries.



Our team of accountants are able to provide localized expert knowledge on a vast array of country-specific accounting issues.

International Tax.png


Dedicated tax practice that covers international tax, transfer pricing, VAT and IIT.



Our regional audit teams are qualified professionals and are familiar with IFRS reporting as well as GAAP standards.

Information systems & Technology

Information systems
& Technology

Our combined localized knowledge, accounting expertise and IT resources enable us to identify cost-effective and scalable solutions for our clients.

Dezan Shira & Associates provides legal, tax and operational support for Asia Briefing

Dezan Shira is a specialist foreign direct investment practice, providing business intelligence, business advisory, due diligence, international payroll & HR administration, accounting, tax, audit, and information systems & technology services to multinational corporations investing in emerging Asia.

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