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ASEAN–India trade growing at 40 percent a year

Apr. 22 – Dezan Shira & Associates, one of Asia’s premier professional services firms, has just launched a brand new website: ASEAN Briefing. ASEAN – a 10 country trade bloc that includes Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam – is strategically important for India as it has signed a free trade agreement with the bloc in its own right, and India also has individual double taxation avoidance agreements with many of the ASEAN members states.

Trade between ASEAN and India reached US$79 billion in 2012, with the two regions poised to show some of the highest growth rates in trade over the coming decade. India’s trade with ASEAN has been running at about 22 percent annually for the past six years, however this jumped to 39 percent year-on-year in 2012.

The new ASEAN Briefing website houses an extensive archive of the several hundred double taxation avoidance agreements that exist between ASEAN, its members states, and other countries and regions around the world. It also contains a news section providing updates on regional trade issues, developments within ASEAN, and other information such as the ASEAN-India trade dynamics and the agreements that are already in place between the two nations.

“The ASEAN Briefing website took many months to put together, and as India’s trade with the region and elsewhere grows, we hope our readers internationally will find the website a useful resource when looking a the implications of the various tax treaties now changing the face of the global supply chain,” comments Chris Devonshire-Ellis, Founding Partner of Dezan Shira & Associates. “International companies wishing to take advantage of ASEAN’s extensive free trade agreements can do so through the simple process of just establishing a subsidiary presence in any of the ASEAN countries, and thus immediately qualifying for the free trade opportunities that this provides. With Singapore as the regional financial and services hub, and ASEAN trade agreements also now including China, India, Australia, Japan, South Korea and New Zealand, ASEAN is becoming an important component part of Asia, Indian and international trade flows.”

ASEAN Briefing joins a growing stable of titles run by Asia Briefing Ltd. including China Briefing, India Briefing, and Vietnam Briefing. Asia Briefing Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dezan Shira & Associates – a specialist foreign direct investment practice, providing corporate establishment, business advisory, tax advisory and compliance, accounting, payroll, due diligence and financial review services to multinationals investing in emerging Asia. Since its establishment in 1992, the firm has grown into one of Asia’s most versatile full-service consultancies with operational offices across China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore and Vietnam as well as liaison offices in Italy and the United States.

For further details or to contact the firm, please email, visit, or download the company brochure.

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