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Investing in India’s Telangana State: A Quick Guide


Located in the south-central region of the Indian peninsula on the elevated Deccan Plateau, Telangana extends a welcoming hand to businesses by providing efficient clearances and customized incentive packages tailored to the specific industry and investment scale. We highlight factors that foreign companies should take into account when considering their market entry into India.

Free Trade Warehousing Zones in India


Free Trade Warehousing Zones are expected to serve as a cost-efficient component within logistic and global supply chains, catering to the needs of both India and the international market.

A Guide to India’s Special Economic Zones


Businesses can consider setting up or doing business with entities in India’s Special Economic Zones to take advantage of favorable tax incentives, simplified customs procedures, and a conducive environment for manufacturing and trade.

Key Considerations Before Selling Foreign Products in India


The Indian retail market is vast but diverse, with several cultural and socioeconomic variations. Foreign companies seeking to sell their products in this market should adapt their branding and sales strategies accordingly.

India Mandates Quality Norms for Copper Products, Drums, and Tin Containers to Boost Domestic Manufacturing


India has updated the quality norms for nine specific copper products to curtail subpar imports and encourage local manufacturing.

Food Import Procedure in India and FSSAI’s Latest Regulatory Changes


We discuss the step-by-step procedure to import food products in India and FSSAI’s latest regulatory advisory which simplifies import procedures, reducing both time and costs for importers.

India Investment Profile: State of Haryana


The state of Haryana, near Delhi, offers lucrative IT and manufacturing investment prospects, and has attracted several multinational firms.

Strengthening India-Indonesia Economic Ties: Trends and Prospects


With a focus on technology, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and infrastructure, India and Indonesia are aiming for a trade target of US$50 billion by 2025.

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