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India, UAE Agreements on Currency Settlement, Payment Systems, and Key Sector Collaboration


In July 2023, PM Modi’s UAE visit resulted in three key agreements between India and the UAE. These agreements focus on local currency trade settlement, fast payment system integration, and the establishment of an IIT-Delhi campus in Abu Dhabi.

India’s UPI Interface to Become Accessible to More Users


India’s digital payment system UPI is steadily getting accepted for use in more overseas markets like Singapore, UAE, France, UK, and Malaysia.

India Identifies List of 30 Critical Minerals: Economic Implications


India has released a list of 30 critical minerals crucial for its economic growth and development. Policies and international partnerships are being developed to ensure the stability in the supply chain of these critical minerals.

India Starts to Use Chinese Yuan to Pay for Russian Oil


Indian refiners now use China’s RMB Yuan, moving away from US dollars, to pay for some Russian oil imports, showcasing India’s pragmatic approach to energy needs and embracing a preferred currency basket including the Yuan, Ruble, and Dirham.

PM Modi’s Official Visit to the US: Technology Cooperation, Clean Energy Transition, and Strategic Goals


We discuss the shifts in priorities in the India-US partnership that is now focused on technology cooperation, de-risking supply chains, and strategic goals.

Applying for a Personal Loan in India: Why Use an EMI Calculator


A personal loan EMI calculator helps to compute the monthly installments and obtain a personal loan that is aligned with the person’s budget and finances.

An Introduction to Doing Business in India 2023 for EU Businesses – New Publication from Dezan Shira & Associates


This guide covers key market entry considerations, tax, HR, and reporting compliances besides offering an overview of sector opportunities and growth drivers for EU SMEs and business partnerships in India.

India-US Ties 2023: Modi Trip Refocuses Attention to Trade, Tech, Defense


We discuss recent developments in the India-US economic partnership and key agendas ahead of Prime Minister Modi’s upcoming visit to the US on June 21, 2023.

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