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India’s Surat Diamond Bourse: A Game-Changing Hub for Global Diamond Trade


We cover key features of the recently inaugurated Surat Diamond Bourse in the state of Gujarat, India, and discuss its impact for the global diamond and jewelry trade. Since nearly a century, the city of Surat processes over 90 percent of the world’s natural diamonds.

India’s Economy in 2023: A Year-End Review


As we near the end of 2023, we recap key developments shaping India’s economy and keeping it poised for rapid growth going into 2024.

Investing in India’s Green Economy – New Publication Out Now


In this report, we explore preferential policies addressing India’s environmental challenges and the resultant solutions-driven investment opportunities aligned with UNSDG goals, driving the growth of a green economy in the country.

India Holds Auction for 20 Blocks of Critical Minerals, Including Lithium and Graphite


Following regulatory changes, India will seek bids for 20 blocks of critical minerals. Mining, mineral processing, and production of lithium, graphite, and REE are key to critical sectors like renewables, gigafactories, pharma, electronics, telecom, and defense.

India’s Economic Rise: How Global Tech Giants are Chasing the Next Big Growth Engine


India stands as a tech haven, with major tech firms like Apple, Microsoft, and Meta witnessing exponential growth and showcasing the country’s resilience, driven by strategic positioning, a commitment to digitalization, and demographic advantages.

India’s Outlook for 2024-25: Key Growth Areas and Investment Prospects


We discuss India’s economic outlook for 2024-25 and promising sectors for foreign investment as the country enters a general election year.

Investing in Karnataka, India: State Profile, Infrastructure, and Enabling Policies


Karnataka in South India attracted major new investments in 2022-23 and continues to build up its business-friendly profile. Foxconn has announced intentions to invest further in a supplementary plant.

Where to Invest in India: Analyzing Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu’s Business Environment


Unlock the Indian market’s potential with our insightful new magazine, “Where to Invest in India: Analyzing Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu’s Business Environment.” Explore key data points shaping foreign investment decisions in these dynamic states.

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