From Recruitment to Retention: India HR Insights for 2024

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From Recruitment to Retention: India HR Insights for 2024‘, the latest publication from Dezan Shira & Associates is out now and available for free download through the Asia Briefing Publication Store.

From Recruitment to Retention - India HR Report download

Inside this report:

  • Attracting and Retaining Top Talent in India — Pg 04
  • Understanding the Regulatory Landscape for Hiring in India — Pg 09
  • Building a Localized HR Strategy — Pg 17

As India continues to cement its position as a global economic powerhouse, the human resources (HR) landscape in the country is evolving rapidly. With a large workforce, a burgeoning startup ecosystem, and a youthful demographic, India offers immense potential for companies to tap into a skilled workforce. However, the competition for skilled talent is fierce, necessitating effective strategies to recruit the best professionals, establish a conducive work culture, and achieve optimal hiring outcomes.

In this HR report for India Briefing, we take a close look at the Indian HR landscape and offer an essential guide for businesses navigating recruitment and talent management in this dynamic environment.

Our feature on attracting and retaining top talent in India explores new shifts in the country’s labor market, best practices for onboarding and talent development, and employment visa rules for foreign hires. Next, we examine the regulatory frameworks that govern labor management in India, adherence to which is crucial for any organization operating here. Finally, we offer practical advice on customizing HR practices to align with local cultural and economic contexts, covering areas such as employee management, compensation structures, and outsourcing for payroll efficiency.

Whether you are an established player or new to the Indian market, this report will assist you in your employee recruitment and retention strategies. For more information and expert insights to help foreign employers successfully onboard and manage their India recruits and maintain payroll compliance, please email our professionals at

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