India Invites in Overseas Professionals to Work

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Jan. 9 – On Thursday India Prime Minister Manmohan Singh took another step towards preventing the country from sinking further into an economic crisis. After cutting interest rates and increasing FDI limits into the country, the government announced that it was wooing back Indian professionals.

During his annual speech at Pravasi Bharatiya Divas – India's convention to connect with its diaspora, Singh announced that all OCI (Overseas Citizenship of India) card holders who are qualified professionals such as doctors, dentists, pharmacists, engineers, architects and chartered accountants – will have the benefit of practicing their professions in India.OCI cards are issued to those nationals who either are or were citizens of India and now liveor hold citizenship of another country.

By thus warmly welcoming overseas Indians, the government has eased the process for Indian's wanting to return and continue their professions in India without encountering too many bureaucratic hurdles.

During the annual convention, the government also launched the global Indian knowledge network an online community which seeks to connect people of Indian origin from a variety of disciplines to users at the national, State and local levels in India. The network aims to aid the transfer of knowledge between Indian expatriates and residents, creating a think tank to promote better ideas on development education and health care.

The Indian government is also planning to give smart cards to all Indian citizens working abroad inorder to smoothen the emigration process and ensure the safety of all emigrants.