Indian Beaches, Diamonds in the Rough

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Dec. 27 – Its the end of the year, time to kick back, order yourself a fresh tender coconut, relax on a hammock and stare up the palm leaves swaying gently in the breeze as you soak in the sun and listen to waves kiss the shore.

No, its not impossible. Indian beaches offer all this and more. With 7,000 kilometers of coastline, India's east and west shores along the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal offer tourists splendid white washed beaches, clean warm waters as well as some of the most sumptous seafood.

Many beaches along India's coast are untouched, unspoilt and can offer the visitor pure tranquility. However if you are looking for a party along the beach, Goa and Kerala in Southern India should definately be on your list. All beaches are dotted with varying types of hotels, catering to the back packer as well as high spender, and offer various services according to the package you book.

So take a look, listed here are some of India's finest beaches.