Ports, SEZs, and Incentives for Manufacturers in India’s Top Investment Destinations

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The five states – Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu are among the top investment destinations in India. To encourage manufacturing, as well as the exports of manufactured goods, these states offer numerous industrial incentives to investors.

Often, these states seek to develop competitive tax schemes, infrastructure, and special economic zones (SEZs).

Manufacturing companies that situate their operations in these coastal states benefit not just from the available incentives and their markets, but also from the greater global access that the states provide through their ports, and lower transportation cost for manufactured  products.

All five states offer a mature industrial climate and culture, and easy access to the import of raw materials through their ports and sea routes.

In the map and table given below, India Briefing looks at some of the major and intermediate ports situated in the five states, the sector-specific SEZs, and the industrial incentives available for manufacturing activities.




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