Vodafone’s Indian Subsidiary Accounts for 93 Percent of All New Users

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May 21 – The British mobile network operator’s Indian subsidiary, Vodafone Essar, accounted for 93 percent of all new users worldwide, according to quarterly reports.

Vodafone is the world’s largest cellular operator in terms of revenues with operations in over 30 countries. In the past quarter, 8.4 million new users joined the network with India contributing 7.9 million. The company’s investment in India amounts to an estimated US$2 billion.

Vodafone Essar is 67 percent owned by Vodafone and is India’s second largest service provider. Its revenue jumped by 40 percent, while also accounting for 45 percent of Vodafone’s global traffic.

In total, Vodafone Essar has about 69million users after Bharti Airtel’s 97million subscribers. Bharti also added about 8.4 million subscribers in the past three months.

Globally, Vodafone’s past quarter results showed India and Africa were the only two buoyant markets.