India Opens Space Sector to Global Investors with 100% FDI Allowed


India will permit FDI up to 100 percent under the automatic route in the space sector for the manufacturing of components, systems, or sub-systems associated with satellites, ground segments, and user segments.

Farm Mechanization in India’s Agriculture Sector: Challenges and Opportunities


We discuss why India needs to increase its farm mechanization adoption rate to sustainably manage changing workforce preferences and output. Businesses that can provide cost-effective technology solutions stand to benefit from the vast agrimarket.

EV Sector in India: Production Capacity, Government Targets, and Market Performance


In this market brief, we discuss consumer purchasing trends in the automotive market and India’s steadily expanding EV production capacity. We spotlight top industry players and their manufacturing bases, as well as govt. incentives and targets to 2030.

How Tamil Nadu’s Footwear Industry is Competing with Southeast Asian Markets


The footwear industry in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu is getting ready to compete with SEA markets and neighbors like Bangladesh. Since announcing its Footwear and Leather Products Policy 2022, the state has attracted several manufacturing investment proposals, including from vendors to major market players like Adidas, Nike, and Crocs.

Business Opportunities in India’s Green Tech Market


India’s population growth and expanding economy drive the demand for green tech solutions, addressing resource consumption, carbon emissions, environmental pollution, and waste treatment. Foreign sustainability enterprises can tap into a burgeoning market supported by government incentives.

PLI Scheme for India’s Automotive Sector Amended and Extended by One Year


India’s PLI Scheme for the automotive sector has been extended by a year as applicants require more time to meet the eligibility provisions. The first round of incentives will be disbursed in FY 2024-25 per the government in a recent announcement, and after much delay. Only Tata Motors, Ola Electric, and Mahindra & Mahindra have met key domestic value addition criteria.

Apple’s Contract Manufacturers and Component Suppliers in India


There are currently three main contract manufacturers producing Apple products in India. We discuss where they are based and scope for investment.

India’s US$2 Billion Green Hydrogen Scheme Highlights Renewables Investment Focus


India received bids from 34 companies for subsidies on green hydrogen production and electrolysis manufacturing under the India Green Hydrogen Mission. The mission targets a production capacity of 5 million metric tonnes by 2030, a reduction of over INR 1 trillion in fossil fuel imports, and a decrease of nearly 50 MMT in annual greenhouse gas emissions.

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