Apple’s Contract Manufacturers and Component Suppliers in India


There are currently three main contract manufacturers producing Apple products in India. We discuss where they are based and scope for investment.

India’s Semiconductor Sector: Tracking Government Support and Investment Trends


We track India’s efforts to facilitate foreign investment into its indigenous semiconductor industry (developing fabs. chip design, ATMP).

Dell, HP, Foxconn, Lenovo Among 27 Beneficiaries Under India’s PLI 2.0 Scheme for IT Hardware


India has announced that 27 companies, including Dell, HP, Foxconn, and Lenovo, have been approved for PLI 2.0 Scheme incentives. Of these, 23 companies are ready to start local production.

EV Sector in India: Production Capacity, Government Targets, and Market Performance


In this market brief, we discuss consumer purchasing trends in the automotive market and India’s steadily expanding EV production capacity. We spotlight top industry players and their manufacturing bases, as well as govt. incentives and targets to 2030.

Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in India: An Explainer


As the backbone of India’s economy, the MSME sector is poised for rapid growth. We discuss incentives and opportunities for the sector.

The Foreign Investment Outlook of India’s Pharmaceuticals Industry


India’s pharmaceutical industry is a global leader in affordable generics and vaccines with favorable investment policies in place. The government is incentivizing building up local KSM/DI/API production and sourcing capabilities to decrease import dependencies.

Manufacturing Consumer Durables in India: Changes to the White Goods PLI Scheme


India has made changes to the White Goods PLI Scheme. Now selected companies must provide a certification from a registered cost accountant pertaining to related party sales and the calculation of the arm’s length price.

Airbnb’s Contribution to India’s GDP Highlights New Trends in Travel and Hospitality Industry


We discuss how Airbnb’s influence on India’s GDP highlights fresh prospects in the travel and hospitality industry, driven by the shift towards local, unconventional experiences, technology-driven convenience, and a focus on sustainability and community engagement.

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