India’s Insurance Sector: Leveraging the Digital ‘Bima Sugam’ Portal


The Bima Sugam will function as a ‘one-stop-shop’ electronic marketplace in India’s insurance sector, and promotes better customer accessibility. With relaxed FDI norms in the sector, foreign firms stand to gain.

India’s Auto Component Manufacturing Success and its Vision for EV Adoption


In recent years, India’s auto component manufacturing industry has seen a surge in Indian OEM suppliers, strengthening its position in the global automotive supply chain.

India Approves Viability Gap Funding Scheme for Battery Energy Storage Systems


India’s union cabinet has approved the Scheme for Viability Gap Funding for the battery energy storage systems (BESS) industry. The scheme envisages the development of 4,000 MWh of BESS projects by 2030-31, which will lower costs for the renewables sector.

India’s Data Center Sector: Market Outlook and Regulatory Frameworks


India’s data center sector is poised for growth, helped by an expanding digital economy, high levels of internet penetration and widespread 4G connectivity slowly upgrading to 5G networks, as well as a mature IT services ecosystem. We discuss the market outlook, leading industry players, and relevant regulatory frameworks.

Chandrayaan-3: India’s Moon Landing Spotlights Space Sector Advancements


India’s successful soft moon landing on August 23 via the Chandrayaan-3 mission showcases its impressive space technology capabilities. The country’s space sector is currently witnessing a surge in private sector involvement, particularly by space-tech start-ups. FDI and tax regulations are also welcoming.

India Plans Manufacturing Incentive Scheme for Toys, Leather, and Footwear Products


India to expand PLI scheme to toys, footwear, and leather goods, boosting manufacturing and investment for economic growth and self-reliance.

Navigating Business Prospects in India’s Retail Industry


India’s retail industry is rapidly growing due to the entry of new players. With a large population, a growing middle class, and an emerging luxury spending cohort, foreign retailers have excellent prospects for business expansion in the Indian market.

India’s Chemical Industry Expected to Reach US$304 Billion by 2025


India’s chemical industry ranks sixth globally and third in Asia, and contributes 7% to the national GDP. We discuss sector prospects for foreign stakeholders.

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