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Status of India’s Digital Competition Law


The government appointed CDCL panel is examining the need for an ex-ante regulatory mechanism for the Indian digital market. We discuss the implications for the prevailing antitrust regime in India.

ICAI Releases Draft Auditing Standards for LLPs in India, Seeks Public Comments by January 6


The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has released an exposure draft for public comments until January 6, 2024, proposing new auditing standards for Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) in India to align them with prevailing corporate auditing norms.

Understanding the Mandate to Appoint Women Directors Under Indian Company Law


We discuss provisions in India’s company law mandating the appointment of women directors and the repercussions for non-compliance.

North Indian State of Uttar Pradesh Releases FDI Policy, 2023: Key Provisions


UP is competing with major industrial Indian states like Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, and Karnataka to attract high-value investments from sector-leading companies, establish R&D and frontier innovation projects, and build up local manufacturing ecosystems.

LLP Rules, 2009 Amended and LLP (SBO) Rules, 2023 Notified as India Tightens Disclosure Requirements


India mandates LLPs to maintain a register of partners and document their beneficial interest in both tangible and intangible contributions. The notified rules indicate the mandatory time frame and updated forms for various reporting requirements.

Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in India: An Explainer


As the backbone of India’s economy, the MSME sector is poised for rapid growth. We discuss incentives and opportunities for the sector.

Food Import Procedure in India and FSSAI’s Latest Regulatory Changes


We discuss the step-by-step procedure to import food products in India and FSSAI’s latest regulatory advisory which simplifies import procedures, reducing both time and costs for importers.

Important Financial Changes in India Effective October 2023: Impact on Businesses


We discuss key financial changes in India starting October 2023, including TCS rule revisions and updates to debit and credit card regulations.

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