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India’s Regulation of Solar PV Modules: Approved List of Models and Manufacturers


With effect from April 1, 2024, India has reinstated the ALMM mandate, a move viewed by experts as a breather for OEMs. However, temporary relaxations apply to projects in advanced development stages.

India’s Regulation of AI and Large Language Models


Presently, India lacks a dedicated regulation for artificial intelligence (AI). We outline some of the advisories, guidelines, and IT rules that offer legal oversight for the development of AI, Generative AI, and large language models (LLM) in India.

Unused Land, Building Laws Confront India’s Policymakers Targeting High Industrial Growth


While some Indian states reclaim unused land for industrial purposes, many enforce building standards that hinder efficient land use by factories.

Establishing a Trading Company in India


Starting an import-export business in India with the right strategies allows a firm to access information resources, network contacts, and concessions, which are key to profitability and compliance.

India Notifies ‘Lesser Penalty’ Regime under the Competition Act


The Lesser Penalty regime in India is provided under Section 46 of the Competition Act, 2002 and governed by regulations released by the CCI. We discuss key features of this leniency program, which applies to entities under investigation in cartel cases, and the benefits provided under India’s antitrust laws.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Establishing Your Business in India’s GIFT City


We discuss the step-by-step process of setting up a business in the GIFT City in Gujarat, India’s first IFSC and multi-services SEZ.

GIFT City’s Rising Profile: Government of India Emphasizes Key Progress Ahead of Interim Budget 2024


As an emerging financial services hub in India, the GIFT City IFSC at Gujarat has benefited from liberalized capital and tax rules. The GIFT City is also a major focus of the central and state governments, and will facilitate fintech innovation in India and wider access to global capital markets.

India’s Corporate Governance Reforms: Key Regulatory Changes to Pay Attention to in 2024


India’s corporate governance reforms have digitized compliance requirements while also increasing scope for scrutiny. We list key changes implemented throughout the year that companies doing business in India should be mindful of going into 2024.

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