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India Appoints Nodal Ministries to Regulate Online Gaming, E-sports Industries


India has given legitimacy to the online gaming and e-sports industries by designating the IT Ministry and the Sports Ministry as their respective nodal ministries.

2022 Winter Session of the Indian Parliament: A Look at Key Bills


We list the bills expected to be tabled in the winter session of the Indian parliament – held between December 7, 2022 to December 29, 2022.

Splitting Posts of Chairman and MD/CEO Now Voluntary: SEBI


India’s securities regulator SEBI wants the top 500 listed companies to split the position of chairman and managing director but is making it voluntary due to low compliance.

Appointment and Removal of Independent Directors in India: Alternate Mechanism Notified


New thresholds have been allowed by SEBI, India’s market regulator, for the appointment to and removal of independent directors from boards of companies.

Regulatory Framework Governing Mergers and Acquisitions in India


Businesses should note the company, securities, tax, foreign exchange, and sector-specific laws and regulations impacting M&A in India.

MSMEs in India Now Eligible for Non-Tax Benefits for up to 3 Years After Reclassification


MSMEs in India can avail non-tax benefits, such as the public procurement policy or relaxation for delayed payments, for up to three years after category change.

Export-Import in India FY 2023: Trends and Key Procedures


This article highlights the trends and outlook pertaining to export-import in India, while outlining trade procedures as per FTP 2015-20, which is now in operation till March 30, 2023.

New CSR Rules Limit Disclosure of Key Details in Company Annual Report


Companies can now limit the information disclosed by them on CSR expenditures on ongoing and other CSR projects in their annual reports.

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