Human Resources and Payroll in India 2022 – New Publication from India Briefing

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Human Resources and Payroll in India 2022 (1st Edition), the latest publication from India Briefing and Dezan Shira & Associations, is out now and available for download from the Asia Briefing Publication Store.

Why this guide matters

Human Resources and Payroll in India 2022 Guide

A firm understanding of India’s laws and regulations related to human resources (HR) and payroll management is essential for foreign investors who want to establish or are already running foreign-invested entities in India, as well as for local managers and HR professionals who may need to explain complex points of India’s labor policies.

In India, there is an extensive regulatory framework involved in mediating and managing HR processes. Businesses should pay attention to the existence of multiple federal labor laws as well as federally and locally enacted laws that are specific to the state and industry, location, size, and business activity of the firm, and skills levels of the workforce. Four new labor codes that streamline regulatory governance of labor issues have been passed by parliament, but their implementing rules and regulations are yet to be finalized.

In addition to these, the ongoing pandemic has thrust a new dimension to HR management in India. COVID-19 vaccine mandates to secure the safety and health of the office environment and the role played by technology in facilitating hybrid work strategies and improving the functionality of HR back-office operations are new areas of concern for managers and investors alike.

What’s inside

The Human Resources and Payroll 2022 Guide provides companies with information on the following key topics:

  • Indian labor legislation
  • Recruitment procedures
  • Payroll and staff administration
  • Tax and payroll compliance
  • Employing expatriates in India
  • Technology-driven changes in HR management

This guide was created in April 2022 with the latest information available at the time. It was written in consultation with Dezan Shira & Associates, a specialist foreign direct investment practice providing corporate establishment, business advisory, tax advisory and compliance, accounting, payroll, due diligence, and financial review services to multinationals investing in emerging Asia.

Since its establishment in 1992, Dezan Shira & Associates has grown into one of Asia’s most versatile full-service consultancies with offices across China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, United States, Germany, Italy, India, and Russia, in addition to our trade research facilities along the Belt & Road Initiative. We also have partner firms assisting foreign investors in The Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Bangladesh.

The field of HR and payroll management and compliance is too complex to be covered in complete detail in one book, hence, the term ’guide’ has been considered appropriate for the nature of this publication. Companies should seek professional advice to deal with any specific situation they face relating to HR.

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