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India to Ease Visa Norms for Chinese Technicians, Expand Scope beyond PLI Sectors


India is reportedly working on loosening the visa requirements of Chinese technicians and creating more streamlined SOPs.

From Recruitment to Retention: India HR Insights for 2024


This issue offers an essential guide for foreign invested firms to attract and retain the best talents in India’s dynamic hiring environment.

IT/ITES in Karnataka Get Labor Law Exemption for Five More Years


Companies in the IT/ITES sector and knowledge industries in Karnataka will be exempted from provisions of the Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act till June 10, 2029.

Leave Management in India: Key Considerations for Employers and Employees


India Briefing explains the leave management process in the country and best practices for employers and employees.

IT Industry Embraces Tier 2 Cities for Growth and Efficiency


The IT industry is continuing to approach India’s Tier 2 cities for talent retention as well as capitalize on cheaper realty and wages.

Where Are India’s Talent Hubs? Findings from New Talent Feasibility Study


India’s tier-1, tier-2, and satellite cities like Hyderabad, Navi Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Gurugram, and Bengaluru have become specialized hiring hubs and are rising to the increasing demand from recruiters seeking diverse talent.

Increase in Employment as Subscribers Under EPFO Grow to 14.5mn in FY2023-24


India’s preliminary payroll data shows 14.5 million net members were added to EPFO in FY’24, indicating steady rate in employment generation.

A Guide to Minimum Wage in India in 2024


We answer some frequently asked questions foreign hiring managers may have regarding the minimum wage in India. Several states in India have updated their minimum wages as of October 2023.

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