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The OSH Code, 2020: A Primer


The yet to be implemented Occupational Safety, Health, and Working Conditions (OSH) Code, 2020 will subsume several existing HR regulations.

India to Push for Social Security Agreement with the US at Trade Policy Forum Meeting


India has supplied comprehensive data on its social security programs to the United States, as it seeks an agreement to prevent double insurance liability for temporary workers.

EPFO Extends Deadline for Employers in India to Upload Wage Details for Higher Pensions by May 31, 2024


The EPFO has extended the deadline by five months for employers to submit wage details for members eligible for an increased pension. We discuss pertinent details for compliance.

Navigating ESIC and Provident Fund Registration for Companies in India


We outline the mandatory registration timelines and procedures for Indian companies under ESIC and Provident Fund schemes.

List of India’s Public Holidays in 2024 and Best Practices for Companies


Businesses and foreign investors should note India’s official holiday schedule, which is impacted by regional, local, and national factors, including festivals, patriotic observances, and cultural practices.

Visa Clearance Streamlined by Indian Authorities for Chinese Professionals Engaged in PLI Sectors


Responding to industry feedback, the Indian government is streamlining the visa approval process for Chinese experts engaged in PLI sectors.

Long-Term vs Short-Term FD: How to Choose Your FD Account Duration


When planning investments, consider the stability and security of a fixed deposit (FD) account, a favored low-risk choice for investors.

A Guide to Minimum Wage in India in 2023


We answer some frequently asked questions foreign hiring managers may have regarding the minimum wage in India. Several states in India have updated their minimum wages as of October 2023.

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