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Annual Compliance for Employers in India Under Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Legislation


India’s Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Act and its corresponding Rules require a mandatory annual report to be submitted by the employer to the District Officer and is also part of reporting obligations to the Registrar of Companies.

India Introduces Taxation Changes for High-Premium Life Insurance Policies


India has recently introduced a new tax rule for life insurance policies where any proceeds received from a life insurance policy with an annual premium exceeding INR 500,000 will be subject to taxation.

A Guide to Minimum Wage in India in 2023


In this article we answer some frequently asked questions foreign hiring managers may have regarding the minimum wage in India.

India Skill Report 2023: Findings on Talent Availability and Employability in Emerging Technologies


Recent reports on talent availability in India indicate some progress has been made in boosting employability for tech-driven sectors. Key skill gaps, however, remain. We discuss the data and top growth sectors to 2030.

Emerging Talent Trends Shaping India’s Dynamic Job Market in 2023


We delve into the talent management trends in India in 2023 that are influencing recruitment and corporate employee retention strategies.

Maximizing Business Growth in India with PEOs as Strategic HR Partners


Businesses in India can leverage the expertise and resources of a PEO to streamline HR operations, ensure employment law compliance, access enhanced benefits packages, and prioritize growth and innovation.

India Increases Tax Exemption Limit on Leave Encashment for Private Sector Employees


India has increased the tax exemption limit on leave encashment for employees in non-government sectors to INR 2.5 million. It will retrospectively apply from April 1, 2023.

India’s New Rules for Withdrawing Pension from the National Pension System


We introduce India’s National Pension System (NPS), which also covers private sector subscribers. Payments to the NPS may have tax benefits.

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