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India-Australia Deal to Avoid Double Social Security Contribution


India and Australia recently signed a Social Security Agreement intended to avoid double social contribution by employers who have a presence in both countries. This article discusses the pact and examines its important and beneficial implications.

Employing Women in the Indian Workplace


The female workforce in India remains much smaller (at 32 percent) compared to the opposite gender. In this article, we look at ways in which companies can achieve greater gender diversity in their workforce, ultimately helping their bottom line in the Indian market.

Hiring, Terminating & Retaining Employees in India – New Issue of India Briefing Magazing Out Now


The latest issue of India Briefing Magazine, focusing on Hiring, Terminating and Terminating employees in India, is out now and available to subscribers as a complimentary download through the month of March.

India’s Government Passes Two Bills to Improve Dispute Resolution


In this article we look at two bills that were passed to help foreign companies resolve disputes. This is expected to further help India move up in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business report.

China, India & Vietnam: Setting Up in Asia’s Investment Hotspots – New Issue of Asia Briefing Magazine


The newest issue of Asia Briefing magazine, titled “China, India & Vietnam: Setting Up in Asia’s Investment Hotspots”, is out now and available as a complimentary download in the Asia Briefing Bookstore.

The Importance of Payroll Confidentiality in India


Payroll confidentiality is difficult to maintain in Indian workplaces. For many SMEs in India, payroll support services are a business-critical function.

Expect Labor Reforms at the State Level in 2015


Foreign companies should begin preparing for labor reforms at the state level in the coming year. Following national labor reforms in November 2014, public and private interest groups have renewed calls for labor reforms in 2015.

India’s Provident Fund Scheme to see Significant Change in 2015


India’s Provident Fund Scheme (PFS) was amended several times in 2014, particularly following the election of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his BJP party in May. Recent reports indicate further changes to the PFS have now been proposed and are in the pipeline to be implemented this year.

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