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India Hikes Wage Ceiling under Payment of Wages Act


India’s Payment of Wages Act recently increased its ambit as parliament revised the monthly wage ceiling from US$280 to US$375. This article discusses the development and its impact on employers in India; it also explains how wages are defined under the Act.

India’s Minimum Wage Structure: A Brief Explainer


Understanding India’s minimum wage structure is a complicated matter, especially for foreign businesses. This article intends to serve as a brief explainer: addressing frequently asked queries on how India views the minimum wage, how it is fixed, and how it is implemented.

Outsource Payroll Processing and Optimize your Business Operations in India


Given India’s constantly evolving tax and regulatory system, payroll processing can be a cumbersome and time consuming process for businesses. In this article, we briefly highlight the reasons why you should outsource your company’s payroll processing and the procedures to do the same.

India’s Employment Visa Procedures


Employment visas are an annual headache for foreign businesses and businesspeople in India. In this article, we provide a step-by-step guide to the current process of obtaining an employment visa in India.

Payroll Processing and Compliance in India – New Issue of India Briefing Magazine Out Now


Businesses in India have to contend with a multitude of employment laws and regulations. This issue of India Briefing Magazine informs readers about the most updated calculation of payroll and gratuity in India, social security laws, and the benefits of outsourcing payroll processing.

Navigating HR Due Diligence in India


India offers exciting growth prospects as a rapidly developing emerging market with a large workforce. This article focuses on the conduct of pre-investment human resource due diligence checks, which are vital to secure foreign investors against possible operational, reputational, and financial risks.

Working as an Expat in India – New Issue of India Briefing Magazine Out Now


India is the second most favored destination for expatriates that want to work in emerging markets. In this issue of India Briefing Magazine, we look at India’s living and working environment, HR and payroll laws, and the taxation norms as applicable to foreign nationals.

India’s Public Holidays in 2017


Many foreign HR managers struggle with the holiday schedule in India. This article outlines the government’s official schedule, explains its rationale, and suggests best practices for managing public holidays at your business.

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