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    Payroll Processing in India: Allowances and Outsourcing

    Payroll , or employee compensation management, is a multifaceted process. To help shed some light on this complicated process, in this article we discuss allowances (including housing and leave travel assistance) and the benefits of outsourcing payroll.

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    Maternity Benefits in India

    Dec. 20 – One of the primary objectives of India’s Maternity Benefit Act (1961) is to maintain the health of a pregnant female employee and her child. The act applies to every factory, mine or plantation (including those belonging to government), and to every shop or establishment wherein 10 or more people are employed. To[…..]

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    India Salary Increases to Average 11% this Year

    The Indian HR company Ma Foi Randstad has released its annual Salary Survey Guide, and indicated that salary levels across India are expected to increase an average 11.2 percent for 2012, slightly less than last year’s rate.

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    Employers to Have Compulsory Insurance for Overseas Workers

    From August 1, 2011 all South Korean companies hiring overseas labor-intensive workers will be required from later this year to give to the departure expiration insurance to pay their retirement benefits.

Showing 4 of 84 articles