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HR Management in the Digital Workplace: Tips for Employers in India


The optimal digital HR management strategy can automate company processes, ensure they are data-driven, and respond to internal and external pressures while also transforming the workforce in the organization.

ERP Implementation Strategy for Businesses in India


ERP solutions can make your business operation in India more efficient by merging internal processes, streamlining best practices, and introducing transparency.

Why Businesses in India Should Hire More Women


India is failing to leverage its labor market size by leaving out its women from the workplace; higher female participation could boost the country’s GDP by a much greater margin than even its flagship investment programs.

Labor Laws, Costs, and Hiring Practices in India – New Issue of India Briefing Magazine Out Now


We discuss the structure of India’s labor laws, the composition of its labor market, and put a spotlight on the need for greater female participation in the Indian workforce.

Fixed-Term Employment: Now Open to All Employers in India


India now allows fixed-term employment in all its industries, offering hiring flexibility for firms and improved working conditions for employees.

Employment Contracts in India: Enforceability of the Non-Compete Clause


Foreign firms in India often seek to enforce the non-compete clause in employment contracts against their employees, associates, vendors, or other business partners. Here we examine its legal validity.

Registering Your Indian Employment Visa


After obtaining an Indian visa, expatriates need to register with the FRRO to be eligible to reside and work in India. From February 2018, this process has also become digitized.

India’s Public Holidays in 2018


Many foreign HR managers struggle with the holiday schedule in India. This article outlines the government’s official schedule, explains its rationale, and suggests best practices for managing public holidays at your business.

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