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Women and Work in India: Trends and Analysis


We outline the various trends surrounding women and work in India, including the gendered disparity in employment as well as unjustifiable pay gaps. We also list the laws protecting women’s rights in the workplace in India.

How to Structure a Salary in India: Key Components


We provide a guide on how to structure a salary in India by explaining the key salary components, types of allowances, and their taxable scope.

How India is Managing COVID-19 in 2022: Transition to the Workplace, Vaccine Program Expanded


We look at how India is managing COVID-19 in 2022, vaccination rates and national booster policy, and best practices for employers.

Automating HR Functions and Digital Skilling: Top HR Tech Trends in India


We briefly discuss the growth of the HR Tech market, top HR Tech trends in India in 2022, and how demand for digital skilling will influence HR functions.

What is the Status of India’s Four New Labor Codes?


We track the status of India’s four new labor codes as respective state governments are expected to release draft rules for implementation.

India’s Public Holidays in 2022


We note the official list of India’s public holidays in 2022. Learn about the best practices for managing public holidays at your business.

Due Process for Terminating an Employee in India


Foreign companies with a firm grasp of HR procedures in their home country may find that their established practices have little bearing in India. In this article, we cover the legal compliance provisions and termination procedures in India.

Traveling and Doing Business in Bangladesh: Culture and Etiquette


We provide a brief introduction to Bangladesh, explain business etiquette in the country, and offer tips for business interactions.

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